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Entry #2

Banned... :(

2017-05-17 07:48:59 by TWDMega


I got banned. I GOT F***ING BANNED! WHY??

Banned from my skrillex song. Hey, it's not my fault. THERE'S AN OPTION, THAT SAYS "Third party samples" SO WHY HAVE THAT IF IT'S NOT EVEN ALLOWED?

Feel my rage >:( I wont be uploading audio anytime soon. F___


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2017-05-17 08:57:02

Its only third party samples which you have full permission to use, we at our studio get full permission before we release as without permission you might get banned like you have. So i.e: you can use samples from a drum pack you bought but you can't sample banarang and then said its completely original, like Newgrounds ask for.


2017-05-17 08:57:53

Third party samples means that you actually MAKE a song that includes samples of songs by other people.

Yep, you actually MAKE a song. Also, you often have to ask permission from the original content creator to be able to use those samples.

Did you make the song? No.
Did you ask permission off Skrillex? No.

So, feel my rage and actually READ THE FUCKING RULES.


2017-05-17 09:09:30

and I know Skrillex is nearly impossible to give permission not to mention he is represented by a huge record company called Atlantic records...


2017-05-17 09:26:45

The audio portal is not for uploading music of your favorite artists, nor for resubmitting songs for Geometry Dash, it is for you to upload SONGS MADE BY YOU, and the option "Third party samples" is used when you make a song and have parts of Other songs MADE BY OTHER ARTISTS (not to mention that you have to ask permission from the original author) :/